January 21, 2009

‘You just feel the warmth’

Betty Reed stood in the bright sunshine on the gently sloping lawn just in front of the Washington Monument, impervious to the cold, willing to wait just...

Inauguration—In The Classroom

In Julie Giordano’s government class, there are students who are deeply interested in politics.

More Than 930,000 use public transit on Inauguration Day

The Associated Press guessed that a million people descended on Washington for the inauguration of Barack Obama. More than 930,000 of them got there using...

It’s A Moment Many Felt In Their Cells

As the minutes ticked by during the inauguration of Barack Obama, millions of Americans took the occasion to do at least one thing: reach for cell phones...

January 20, 2009

Taking It All In

The Indiana Avenue checkpoint into the National Mall was packed as thousands tried to get through it. Security was tight and officers checked everyone,...

What Should Obama’s Focus Be?

Barack Obama faces a number of challenges both foreign and domestic as he takes over the reins of the presidency, but local sentiment favors a focus on...

Wanted—Your Photos

The Presidential Inaugural Committee is asking for your photos of the inauguration.

Change Comes—To The White House Web Site

It didn’t take long for change to come to the White House Web site.

Witnessing History

Valerie Davies was at the opposite end of the National Mall when Barack Obama was sworn in as president today, part of a small group of Winston-Salem locals...

Reflection on History
Reflection on History

In President Obama, Virginians share in a historic moment, ideal At 11:56 a.m. today in Washington before a record crowd estimated to be 2 million, 47-year-old...

Inauguration Weather

Snow is possible in Washington, D.C. today, maybe in time for the inaugural parade.

Pack Your Patience

Brace yourself.

Cell Phones May Not Work During Inauguration

Internet bloggers were buzzing Monday about how their cell phones didn’t work during Sunday’s inaugural kick-off concert.

A Time To Take Stock

The imminent inauguration of the nation’s first black president represents a time for the American people to take stock, said an award-winning actress...

Change And Challenge
Change And Challenge

When Barack Obama becomes the nation’s first African-American president, historians say it will be one of America’s watershed moments.

Still Working To Fulfill The Dream

Emma Coleman remembers her grandmother telling her that she could become anything she wanted, even president

January 19, 2009

Gathering For Change

The lines outside the metro were saying it. The man selling the “Yes We Can” hand-warmers outside the station was saying it. The people on...

For Many: A Moment Not To Be Missed

Kevin Burke grew up hearing his elders talk about the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the civil-rights movement.

January 18, 2009

The Road To History Takes Patience

If you’re hitting the road, make sure the road doesn’t hit you back.

An Oath Steeped in Tradition

Many familiar rites of a presidential inauguration come not from the U.S. Constitution but from the precedent set by the first president, George Washington....

Politics Brings Couple Together

Politics is often considered a divisive subject, but for Dave Evans and Susan Hamlett it was the ultimate unifier.

Six Perspecitives on the Obama Inauguration

Few presidential elections in recent decades have carried the weight of the one last fall.

Designers Debate First Lady Fashions
Designers Debate First Lady Fashions

What the new first lady will wear to the inaugural balls has prompted numerous designers to illustrate how they would dress Michelle Obama.

Being A Part of History

It was a hot June day in a packed high school gymnasium where Betty Ferrier sat, watching history. She got up close to it. She listened to it.

Man’s Best Friend To Play Protection Role At Inauguration

Four Labrador retrievers from Auburn University’s Canine Detection Training Program will be roaming the crowd of more than a million people at Tuesday’s...

The Reasons Vary
The Reasons Vary

Mia Leftwich wants her children to have memories of a more tolerant nation. That’s why they’re going to Barack Obama’s inauguration. ...

January 17, 2009

Historic Inauguration Evokes Memories of the Civil Rights Movement

Days before the first black man takes the country’s highest office, 81-year-old Lake City resident T.R. Cooper, the son of sharecroppers in rural...

Inauguration Has Special Meaning for Airmen

As he approaches one of the most momentous moments in American history, President-elect Barack Obama said he is standing on the shoulders of trailblazers...

Many Faiths to be Represented at Inauguration

Religious rumbles have ensnared President-elect Barack Obama since controversial remarks made in the pulpit by his former pastor of 20 years, the Rev....

Studying History—And Seeing It For Themselves

After seeing videos on YouTube of Barack and Michelle Obama dancing on a TV show, a group of Cosby High School students is trying to outdo them with the...